E 16 – Euclidean 16 Step Sequencer

“E 16” is a single voice MIDI sequencer for Max4Live that opens up a full array of possibilities.
Aiming at eliminating grids and piano roll from the creative process, it encourages experimentation and spontaneity by bringing you closer to a hardware experience.
“E 16” expands the possibilities of a classic Euclidean Sequencer by introducing “Draw Mode”, a random function and the possibility to randomize and modulate the pitch and velocity on each step.


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“E 16” is a single voice MIDI sequencer that expands on the concept of Euclidean Rhythms.
In the first place, the user is able to set the amount of pulses to be featured in the sequence, as well as their rotation (addressed as FBM) and the sequence length.

Unlike other Euclidean Sequencers, “E 16” allows to define the pitch and velocity for each active step, adopting a more classical approach to the user interface that recalls hardware sequencers.

“E 16” introduces “Draw Mode”, randomization of active steps and the possibility to randomize or modulate the pitches and velocities.
When in “Draw Mode”, the user can activate/deactivate steps manually, while the random function activates/deactivates steps randomly at a tempo which can be synced to the main clock or be free to run. It can also be divided or multiplied; while the division makes new step introduction faster, multiplication makes it slower.
The randomization of pitches happens freely, without a defined scale, to encourage experimentation through odd combinations of tones.

“E 16” is fully mappable to external MIDI controllers, LFOs and can easily interact with MIDI devices such as “Scale” and “Velocity“.
It also offers the possibility to store up to 32 instances of the device as presets, allowing the user to easily recall any of the instances during a live performance or while writing a track.



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